Rotoline is a rotomolding machines and equipment for production of articles based on polyethylene (plastic) industry .The Company is recognized worldwide for its technological innovation and the quality of the machines produced. The equipment has branded as high technology, excellent quality and durability.

01 forno

Rotoline pioneered the manufacture of machines with cylindrical oven, which provides a homogeneous airflow in all areas of the oven avoiding "dead spots". The reverse flow also offers a considerable improvement in the distribution of heat inside the oven.

02 estrutura

The machines frame is constructed with carbon steel treated with white PU paint. The panels are made from galvanized steel and are insulated with rock wool. The interlocking pattern is designed to ensure minimal heat loss and allow thermal expansion. All the structure of the oven (doors, ducts, etc.) is protected by a special insulation system. The fit between the panels follows a pattern specially designed to ensure minimum heat loss and allow expansion. These details are directly linked to the gas consumption economy.

03 portas

The doors system is assembled on tracks/cars hanged to allow expansion heat. The doors open with horizontal movement minimizing the physical space required. The system is easy to install, adjust, and have special insulation to avoid loss of heat.

04 ventilador recircula%c3%87%c3%83o

Rotoline machine is equipped with large capacity recirculation fan to provide high velocity hot air in the oven. The recirculation fan is controlled by a VFD (variable frequency drive) to provide a constant torque. This allows the fan to automatically increase the RPMs when the temperature of the air being moved increases. Thus smaller engines can be used, saving valuable energy. The VFD is set to offer soft acceleration to minimize power rush at start.

05 sistema aquecimento

The heating system of Rotoline machines works with a high efficiency gas burner. The machine is supplied with a burner ready to operate with two different types of fuel gas, NG (Natural Gas) and LPG (Liquefied Petroleum Gas). The burner is monitored by an advanced fail-safe interlocking hardware to meet different safety standards. The oven temperature is regulated by a PID temperature controller fully integrated with the machine system. Rotoline machines work with a modulating burner, which allows temperature control resulting in energy and gas consumption savings.

06 controle m%c3%81quina

The machine is equipped with a General Panel where are installed and interconnected all programmable and electromechanical components such as PLC (Programmable Logic Controller), computer, contactors, motors breakers, power supplies, transformer, VFDs (variable frequency drives), push buttons , selector switches and light/sound alarms. This panel is mainly used to set the recipe parameters for the production. The machine has two individual Podiums to control each station with emergency buttons, which facilitates the process control by the operator. The podiums and the general panel give to the operator three points of interface from where the machine can be controlled and operated.

07 conex%c3%83o plug play

All the panel and field electrical connections are made using quick connectors, reducing time during the machine installation.

08 carros

Each cart and arm/plate are moved by gearmotors and monitored by VFDs, which allow adjustment of arms/ plate speeds in any direction of rotation.

09 bra%c3%87os

Rotoline Machines Arms are designed to resist to great efforts. They are manufactured with steel alloys to ensure long lasting life and high mechanical strength. The components are subjected to a rigorous quality control, inspected at each manufacturing stage and heat-treated to ensure the quality and safety operation during the rotational molding process. The arms are supplied with the Temperature Control System “RWT Control” as a Standard item and Dual Air Injection System ready as an optional.

10 sistema gerenciamento

Rotoline Machines Management System works with a multiple-function driven software divided in seven distinct sections:

  • Faults Records
  • Diagnostics
  • Production Data
  • Create Recipes
  • Create Passwords
  • PLC Inputs and Outputs
  • VFDs

11 gerenciamento controle

The Machines PLC is loaded with a software management control system, which gathers information from multiple sensors such as temperature and pressure, installed in various parts of the machine, doing all the interlock and control functions of machine operation and providing a specific and concise input to the gas burner controller.

In the Machine Computer runs the supervisory software, continuously communicating with the PLC, and integrates automatic control parameters such as:

  • Temperature
  • Oven time
  • Cooling time
  • Arm/plate rotation

Using this interface the operator can make modifications to the program, monitor the process and obtain status reports and production info. This allows a full interaction with the machine and the process. All the interactions required to process a wide variety of products can be made using this package. The system can be programmed with an order of security passwords to limit access levels of the parameters screens.

12 sistema resfriamento

The Cooling System is composed of fans with high performance propellers with high volume and low noise. They´re equipped with water sprinkler system programmable in the recipe. The spray system installed on the cooling fans is "air assist", which uses water + compressed air to create a "fog" in a continuous flow that avoids the accumulation of water around the fan and improves the cooling efficiency due to its instantaneously evaporation when the mist reaches the hot mold.

13 rwtc

The "RWTC" Temperature Control System - Rotoline Wireless Temperature Control was developed by Rotoline. It is an online, wireless mold temperature control fully integrated with the machine's PLC for a complete process control.

14 controle ethernet

In Carrossel Model Machines, all the communication control is carried out via ethernet, an innovative technology that facilitates the eventual need to integrate production information with the company's administrative sectors.

15 conex%c3%83o m%c3%81quina

Network connection: Rotoline machines have a software with the option to connect to the machine computer by a mobile phone, computer, laptop from different places (office, meeting room) to monitor the operation of the machine in real time, transfer information, and generate reports and so on. This software is also used for remote technical assistance.

17 pos vendas

All Rotoline Machines have a Remote Connection Program, which is used to provide fast and efficient technical assistance.

All machines sold have an Identity ID - Electronic and Physics File with all records from the beginning of its production - Purchase orders, drawings, electrical project, shipment and start up pictures. All this information helps Rotoline Team to offer an excellent after sales service.  


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